Smart solutions

With electronic control, we can accurately set the cooking time. To tailor the result precisely to our needs, we can also adjust the power levels. Furthermore, to ensure safety in the kitchen, Amica microwave ovens are equipped with a child lock.

Child lock

Prevents accidental switching on. Activating the function is indicated by a special light. When the function is activated, all the control elements are locked out.

Electronic control system

The primary advantage of this is the ability to precisely adjust the settings. With electronic control, cooking times can be accurately set.

Power level

The various power levels enable individual adjustment to suit different meals.

Microwave ovens
perfect to enjoy


Cooking programmes makes preparing meals
easier. All we need to do is to set the correct
weight, number of servings or type of food,
and the cooker automatically chooses
the required settings.

Functions suited to our needs