• Free-standing tumble dryer model: AWD82LCWM.



Free-standing tumble dryer


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Child Lock

Children can get up to mischief everywhere, even in the bathroom. Fortunately, Amica dryers can be easily protected from their carefree fun, by locking the function buttons. Now there is no need to worry about them accidental turning off or changing the settings.

Heat Pump

Who wants smaller energy bills? The choose a dryer with a HeatPump. The heat pump system has a higher efficiency and uses a lower drying temperature. The lower temperature means there is less energy used - as much as a quarter in comparison to traditional dryers. Such conditions are the most natural and friendly to your clothes, so we can be sure that our clothes remain undamaged. It is like drying our clothes under the warm sun, only safer, faster and in our home, even in the winter!

Quick 45'

Dry clothes needed instantly? Thanks to the Quick 45' programme our clothes can be ready to wear in only 45 minutes! Additionally, the stable temperature of 50℃ avoids straining the fibres, so our clothes last longer. Fast and effective.

Drying efficiency

Is it possible to care about efficient drying? All Amica dryers guarantee the most efficient clothing drying process. Specialized programmes customized for various types of fabric ensure that clothing dried in an Amica dryer is always soft, dry and fragrant.

Refresh with optional Steam Touch

Spring is coming, and its time to refresh our lighter clothes! No washing is required, just a moment in the dryer! Select the short 20 minute programme - the steam particles enter the fabric's fibres to remove any creases. Within a few short moments we can enjoy fresh clothes, without creases!

Time Dry - Warm Air

Dry with warm air - exactly as we need. The programme does not use humidity and temperature sensors, instead it functions according to our settings. We have full control over the duration, which we can appreciate when drying thick blankets or footwear. We decide, the dryer obliges!

Time Dry - Cool Air

Dry with cool air - exactly the way we want. The programme does not use humidity and temperature sensors, instead it will operate according to our settings. We have full control over the duration, which we can appreciate when refreshing clothes that have lain in the wardrobe for too long, or delicate clothes that cannot be heat dried. We decide, the dryer obliges!

Sound signal

How many times do we forget to remove the clothes from the dryer after it finishes? Thanks to Amica dryers, this is no longer a worry. Just turn on the sound in the device settings, and the dryer will let us know when the drying cycle is over. Practicality and convenience, every day!


Now we can see inside of the dryer clearly - thanks to internal lighting! It activates when we open the door or press a button. From now on we can see everything while loading and unloading - and we can also use the dryer when there are children sleeping nearby. No need to turn on the lights and risk waking them. A comfort for our eyes and our loved ones.

Dryer capacity: 8 kg

The large dryer capacity enables a large load of laundry to be dried.

Technical data

Colour: White
Dryer capacity: 8 kg
Drying efficiency B
Annual energy consumption - drying 235 kWh
Number of drying programmes 15 programmes
Noise level of drying 65 dB(A)
Height 84,5 cm
Width 59,6 cm
Depth 60,9 cm

Drying programmes

Time Dry - Cool Air
Time Dry - Warm Air
Cotton drying programme
Quick 45'


Start delay
Condenser tumble dryer with heat pump
Digital countdown indicator
Programme end indicator
Quick drying
Humidity indicator
Programme progress indicator
Water container level indicator
Sound signal
Door diameter47 cm
Control systemDiode signalling