• Compact oven with microwave function model: AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE.
  • Compact oven with microwave function AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE, EBC841600E, 1103165, Amica
  • Compact oven with microwave function AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE, EBC841600E, 1103165, Amica [1]
  • Compact oven with microwave function AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE, EBC841600E, 1103165, Amica [2]
  • Compact oven with microwave function AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE, EBC841600E, 1103165, Amica [3]
  • Compact oven with microwave function AMMB44E2GCI X-TYPE, EBC841600E, 1103165, Amica [4]


Amica X-type

Compact oven with microwave function


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HotAir circulation

The HotAir circulation function allows you not only to evenly warm your meal but also to cook it. The meal is always perfectly warm on the outside, as well as on the inside. Satisfaction guaranteed!


The jarring noise of slamming the oven door shut is now a thing of the past. The hinges have special gas springs to slow the oven door down just before closing it shut. Soft Close means convenience and safety in the kitchen.

Control system Sensor

The convenience of control without losing any time for cleaning! Finding and setting the right programme is fast with the touch sensors which replace obsolete knobs and mechanical-action keys and buttons! The touch sensors are beneath the flat, solid control panel surface which helps keep the appliance clean. No grooves, gaps and nooks means no dirt to hide in them. The pleasure of control!

Preset programmes

Must choosing the right cooking power and duration be such a problem? Not if you use an Amica microwave oven. Insert the meal, specify its weight, select its type, and the microwave oven chooses the appropriate programme. It’s easy and convenient.


It’s the middle of winter, and you crave for a grilled pork neck. Nothing could be more simple. Put your meal into the Amica microwave oven, choose the Grill function, and your deliciously crispy meal is ready in no time! Use your grill all year round!

Halogen lighting

Opening the oven door while cooking isn’t safe and pleasant. Nonetheless, the meal should somehow be supervised. Hhalogen lights, mounted inside of the appliance, illuminate the inside of the oven. You can check on the meal by looking through the pane, and there’s no need to open the oven door. It’s convenient, and you don’t lose heat which could end in undercooking the meal.

Stainless steel interior

High quality and dependability are surely the basic criteria for your selection of kitchen appliances. Amica microwave ovens meet your expectations. Their interior is made of stainless steel which is resistant to damage, and considerably easier to clean. Amica means convenience for many years!

Touch Free

No more tough fingerprint smears on your microwave oven. Touch the oven as much you like because the special coating on the oven front makes fingerprint smears invisible. Instead of wasting time on cleaning, you can try out new recipes for meals which will amaze your family and friends.


Surely, we must all have turned a kitchen appliance on or off or changed its settings completely at least once, all by accident. With the lock feature in Amica compact ovens, the risk of doing this becomes limited. To activate or deactivate the lock, press the appropriate combination of controls on the control panel. The lock is especially useful when there are children at home or we want to wipe clean the housing of the appliance.

Defrosting by time

Need to prepare a big cut of meat but the meat is frozen? No worries. Set the defrosting duration, and the Amica microwave oven will defrost your meal. There’s no need to defrost the meal for a long time, and there’s no danger of bacteria developing in your food. Always on time.

Defrosting by weight

You want a pizza but it’s completely frozen? No problem! Specify how much the meal weighs, and the microwave oven will set the cooking power and duration. With Defrosting by weight, you can quickly have your meal defrosted but not overheated. The Amica microwave ovens mean benefits aplenty.

Rotating plate

It ensures the meal is evenly warmed up on the outside, on the inside, as well as at the base. Bon appetit!

Technical data

Height 45,5 cm
Width 59,5 cm
Depth 56,9 cm
Net weight 41 kg
Capacity 44 l
Microwaves power 900 W
Total power 3350 W
Voltage 230 V
Colour Inox


Oven with microwave function
Control systemSensor
TimerTimer 95 min
Grill1750 W
Turntable plateDiameter 36 cm
13 auto programmes
HotAir circulation
Defrosting by time
Defrosting by weight
Stainless steel interior
Halogen lighting
Drying shelf
5 power levels
Sound signal on operation ending
Cooling system
Mirror glass