• Free-standing microwave oven model: AMG20M70V.



Free-standing microwave oven


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Multi Waves System

You adore lasagne, but does it often happen to you that after heating it in a microwave oven, it is burnt on the outside, and still cold on the inside? With the Amica microwave oven, you can rest assured that your lasagne is always cooked to perfection. All thanks to the several microwave emission points which, combined with the rotating plate, make the meal evenly warmed up on the outside, as well as on the inside.

Defrosting by time

Need to prepare a big cut of meat but the meat is frozen? No worries. Set the defrosting duration, and the Amica microwave oven will defrost your meal. There’s no need to defrost the meal for a long time, and there’s no danger of bacteria developing in your food. Always on time.

Rotating plate

It ensures the meal is evenly warmed up on the outside, on the inside, as well as at the base. Bon appetit!

Technical data

Height 26,2 cm
Width 45,2 cm
Depth 32 cm
Capacity 20 l
Microwaves power 700 W
Colour: White
Front finish: black + white


Control systemMechanical
TimerMinute minder 30 min
Turntable plateDiameter 24.5 cm
Defrosting by time
Multi Waves System
6 power levels
Sound signal on operation ending
Push-button opening

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