• Espris pressure coffee maker model: CD1011.



Espris pressure coffee maker


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Moveable steam pipe

Become a real barista! Use the steam wand and froth milk for your coffee! Discover the difference between a latte and a cappuccino and master making perfect milk foam! If you have small children, you will definitely appreciate how quickly you can warm up milk without a pot. Time for coffee.. topped with delicious milk foam!

Hot Water

Your coffee machine is also perfect for making... tea! You no longer need to use kettle to boil water – you can take it straight from your coffee machine! Hot water pours out from the milk frother, so you can measure it out to suit your needs. How versatile is that!

Technical data

Water tank 0.254 l
Power 800 W
Pump pressure 5 bar
Power cord 0,75 m

Functionalities and features

Italian made pump
Moveable steam pipe
Cappuccino function

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