• Island hood model: OWS451O.
  • Arrangement - Okap wyspowy OWS451O, 1160602, Amica
  • Arrangement - Okap wyspowy OWS451O, 1160602, Amica [1]
  • Arrangement - Okap wyspowy OWS451O, 1160602, Amica [2]



Island hood


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Sensor control system

Forget about cleaning the dirt which gathers around the buttons! The Amica hoods feature touch panels located under a glass cover. With this, you can quickly and easily clean the panel, as well as have easy access to all hood functions. See how addictive can convenience be!

LED lighting

Low light makes kitchen work much more difficult. The same goes for light bulbs that constantly burn out. To guarantee ease of use, Amica hoods are equipped with an innovative energy-efficient LED lighting system. The LED lights are highly durable, and emit a bright and pleasant light which isn’t tiring for the eyes. Choose the Amica hood, and enjoy the best solutions!

High efficiency

Your clothes, curtains and duvet covers smell of cooking? Not with Amica hoods! Our hoods are equipped with modern and highly efficient ventilation fans which completely eliminate cooking smells. Make your kitchen work convenient!

Number of speed: 5

You can adjust the hood power as you cook more or less.

Control system Remote control

We have equipped the hoof of the line Integra in the remote, which allows remote control of the hood. In addition, thanks to the sensor control, keeping the control panel in clean is very simple.

Automatic switch-off

Very often the air in the kitchen still needs to be cleared, even though the cooking or frying is finished. With the Automatic switch-off system you can specify how long the hood should run after you’ve finished preparing the meal, so that it can clear the air of any undesirable smells. And when it’s done, it turns off on its own. Now you can breathe easily, and savour the convenience.

Filter saturation indicator

Do you know when to change the hood filters? Most likely not, just like many other users. Buy the Amica hood, and the problem will disappear. The hood reminds you about the need to change the filters, by signalling it on the display panel. Make your life easier whenever it’s possible!

Technical data

Min. height 87 cm
Max. height 120 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 40 cm
Net weight 24,4 kg
Colour: Inox
Energy efficiency class C
Distance from electric hob 65 cm
Distance from gas hob 65 cm
Air exhaust diameter 15 cm
Maximum efficiency 633 m3/h
Total power 217 W
Connection cord length 2 m
The loudness at maximum speed 41 dB
The loudness at maximum speed 67 dB
Lighting 4x1,75 W
Lighting LED lighting


Exhaust fan/damper mode
Automatic switch-off
Filter saturation indicator
High efficiency


Grease filterAluminium cartridge, 1 pc.
Control systemRemote control
Control systemSensors
Number of speed:5
*Carbon filters are sold separately.
Led display

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