• Free-standing electric cooker model: 58EE1.20(W).
  • Detale - Szuflada na prowadnicach rolkowych, Amica
  • Detale - Przepisy na drzwiach, Amica
  •  Detale - Kuchnia wolnostojąca elektryczna 58EE1.20(W), płyta, Amica


500 Line

Free-standing electric cooker


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Surely, it must’ve happened that you or someone from your family or friends burnt their hands by accidentally touching the hot oven door. With an Amica cooker in your home, this won’t happen again. The oven door is equipped with 3 panes – the internal pane reflects the heat, preventing the external pane from getting too warm. Ensure kitchen safety for all members of your household.

Steam Cleaning

Thanks to the super smooth structure of the enamel, cleaning is fast, easy and efficient. Just pour half a litre of water into the baking tray, put it into the oven, set the temperature to 50°C, conventional mode, and the time to 30 min, or pour in the water and activate the Clean function on the display. Once the steam has permeated and softened the soiled parts of the oven wall, you can wipe it all away with a damp cloth or sponge to get a shiny, dirt-free surface.

Easy Clean enamel

Scrubbing the oven is something which you surely don’t enjoy. To help with the cleaning, the inside of Amica microwave ovens is coated with a special Easy Clean enamel without pores and dents, which prevents dirt and grease from collecting. Now, cleaning your oven is extremely easy. Make your life easier! Don’t waste too much time on cleaning! Spend it with your family and friends or develop your interests.

Energy class A

Now appliances are available in A energy class. It means lower consumption of electricity.

Enamelled lid

Enamelled lid is very durable. It provides safety and comfort.

Recipes on the door

From now on with Amica cookers, you don’t have to flick through cookbooks in search of information on how to cook your meal. The inside of the oven door features a practical guide with suggestions for the cooking temperature and duration of your meal. Convenience within easy reach. Now you’re cooking!

Drawer on roller guides

The drawer placed under the oven, which is on wheels and this easy to move, is a great place for storing dishes, pots and frying pans.

Technical data

Height 85 cm
Width 50 cm
Depth 60 cm
Colour White
Energy class A
Hob surface Enamel
Oven capacity 67 l
Total power 7,8 kW
Top heater 900 W
Bottom heater 1100 W
Power connection 400 V


Oven typeelectric
Number of oven functions:3


Easy Clean enamel
Enamelled lid
Recipes on the door
Drawer on roller guides
Oven cleaningSteam Cleaning

Heating zones

Standard electric plate 14.5 cm: 2
Standard electric plate 18 cm: 2

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