• Free-standing ceramic cooker model: 614CE3.334TsKDQ(XxL).
  • Detale - Wnętrze kuchni, Amica
  • Detale - Wkład katalityczny bez drabinek, Amica
  • Detale - Wkład katalityczny z drabinkami, Amica
  • Detale - Przepisy na drzwiach, Amica
  •  Detale - Kuchnia wolnostojąca ceramiczna 614CE3.334TsKDQ(XxL), uchwyt, Amica
  •  Detale - Kuchnia wolnostojąca ceramiczna 614CE3.334TsKDQ(XxL), płyta, Amica



Free-standing ceramic cooker


* Photos and videos in the "Description" are for illustration only and may not represent the exact product model

Rapid preheating

Are you in a constant rush, and have no time for anything? This function gives you the opportunity to quickly heat the oven to your desired temperature. By activating the ring and bottom heater, or the super grill with the fan, this feature uses full oven power to quickly heat up the oven. The oven can be turned on a while before you put the meal in, and you can be sure to do everything on time!

Catalytic cleaning

Have you had enough of scrubbing your oven? We have a way out! Amica ovens have special rectangular panels which attract debris particles with their porous coating. To clean the panels, just set the oven to 250 ⁰C for one hour. This solution gives you pure pleasure and complete convenience.

Easy Clean enamel

Scrubbing the oven is something which you surely don’t enjoy. To help with the cleaning, the inside of Amica microwave ovens is coated with a special Easy Clean enamel without pores and dents, which prevents dirt and grease from collecting. Now, cleaning your oven is extremely easy. Make your life easier! Don’t waste too much time on cleaning! Spend it with your family and friends or develop your interests.

Number of oven functions: 10

Do you enjoy solutions which make life easier and more convenient? We have something for you! New Amica cookers feature various functions, including Rapid Preheating and Defrosting. From now on, heating the oven up in an instant, preparing grilled meal, and defrosting a cut of meat is not a problem.

Energy class A

Now appliances are available in A energy class. It means lower consumption of electricity.

Side racks

Amica cookers above all offer practical solutions for your convenience. With the Side tracks, you can easily and safely insert or remove the trays. Do you want to clean the inside of the oven? Just take off the racks. It’s easy, as they’re fitted on special clips. You can also wash the racks in a dishwasher, and avoid the time-consuming scrubbing. And if you decide that you need telescopic guides, you can buy them and easily fit them to the racks. Long live convenience!


You’re craving some tasty meatballs. But first, you have to defrost them. No problem! Put them in the oven and activate the Defrosting function. The meatballs are ready in an instant, and you can savour their delectable taste.

Ts programmer

You expect guests to come over on Sunday. Roast meat, salad, delicious soup, dessert... It’s hard to keep track of it all. In such a situation, the Amica cooker comes to your aid with its effective solutions. With Ts programmer, you can set the time after which the oven will automatically turn off, reducing the risk of burning your meals. Now, all you have to do is to get praise from your guests, and enjoy the time together.

Recipes on the door

From now on with Amica cookers, you don’t have to flick through cookbooks in search of information on how to cook your meal. The inside of the oven door features a practical guide with suggestions for the cooking temperature and duration of your meal. Convenience within easy reach. Now you’re cooking!

Drawer on roller guides

The drawer placed under the oven, which is on wheels and this easy to move, is a great place for storing dishes, pots and frying pans.

Technical data

Height 85 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 60 cm
Colour Inox
Energy class A
Hob surface glass
Oven capacity 65 l
Total power 9,9 kW
Top heater 900 W
Bottom heater 1100 W
Ring heater 2000 W
Supergrill 2000 W
Power connection 400 V


Oven typeelectric
Number of oven functions:10
Reflex door glass


Ts programmer
Rapid preheating
Side racks
Easy Clean enamel
Grey oven interior
Catalytic cleaning
Recipes on the door
Drawer on roller guides

Heating zones

Single fast-heating zone 14.5 cm (1.2 kW): 2 pcs.
Dual fast-heating zone 12/21 cm (0.75/2.2 kW)
Exdendable fast-heating zone 17/17 x 26.5 cm (1.4/2.2 kW)