• Free-standing freezer model: FZ208.3AA.
  • Free-standing freezer FZ208BUW#02AG, FZ208.3AA, 1170466, Amica
  • Free-standing freezer FZ208BUW#02AG, FZ208.3AA, 1170466, Amica [1]



Free-standing freezer


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Energy class A++

Who likes high electricity bills? Choosing the energy rating of our fridge is important! Remember, a fridge works 24 hours a day, all year long, so every second of work is a potential saving for us! Amica fridges with an energy rating of A++ allows us to save up to 30% of our energy. It is easy to calculate - the costs are almost a third lower. By reducing electricity consumption, we save not just money but the environment as well. Economical and ecological, in one!

Universal door L/R

Does the fridge fit perfectly in our kitchen, but the door opens the wrong way? No problem! For fridges with the universal door feature there are mounting holes on both sides, so the doors can open the way we want them! And then if we later remodel the kitchen or move home, we can easily and simply change the door to open from the other side... We install, we decide!

Safety Glass

The shelves inside the fridge can support up to 100 kg! They also feature a raised edge around the shelves to make sure that any spilled liquid stays on the shelf instead of dripping down onto the shelves below.


It can't get any simpler - setting the fridge and freezer temperatures by simply turning the inner knob. The smooth adjustment of cooling power is extremely easy and intuitive, without having to set the temperature to an exact degree - just choose a predefined level. And with the knob inside the refrigerator, the outside is free of unnecessary elements.

Technical data

Colour White
Height 125,2 cm
Width 54,5 cm
Depth 59,7 cm
Net weight 41,7 kg
Gross weight 44,92 kg
Energy class A++
Climate class ST
Freezing class */***
Total gross capacity 150 l
Freezer net capacity 140 l
Freezing capacity 10 kg/24h
Noise level 40 dB
Safe temperature in case of power supply failure 22 h
Annual energy consumption 163 kWh
Number of doors 1
Refrigerant : R600a


Control systemMechanicalControl
Safety Glass
Universal door L/R
Freezer drawers:4 pcs