• Toaster model: TD1011.
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  • Detale - Toster TD1011 - Tacka [1]
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Your toaster's speed depends on the power of its engine. The higher the power, the faster your toast turns golden brown. It is going to be really fast with Amica toasters... Full power for full satisfaction! And time efficiency!

Reheat function

Whether you are going for a crispy baguette or a croissant, just put the bread on the dedicated bun warmer and wait a moment for it to toast. Now you can enjoy the crispiness of all types of bread, not just sandwich bread. What would you like for breakfast today?

Toasting level adjustment

Toast does not have to be made the same way every day! Depending on your desire, just pick one program to choose the level of browning. Adjust the crispiness to your family's taste – now everyone can get the toast they like!

Cancel button

When you want the toaster to stop running... just turn it off! You do not have to unplug it every time, it is so convenient. One click and it stops heating up and consuming energy. It works the way you want it.

Crumb tray

Not many people like cleaning up. It is even less pleasurable when it comes to cleaning the inside of an appliance... This is why Amica toasters have a special crumb tray – you can just slide it out and throw the crumbs away when you are done. They do not collect inside the toaster, so you do not have to clean it up any more! Pure convenience!

Automatic OFF when toasted

You can treat yourself to your toast and leave all your duties to the toaster – you do not even have to remember to turn it off! Choose the desired program and the toaster will turn off the heating after the toast is made. Tuck in!

Defrost function

Want toast but the bread is frozen? Do not waste any time! Use the defrosting function and save time! The toaster will toast the bread for a few more seconds, so that your toast can defrost and toast. Just a second and you can munch your hot toast!

Technical data

Power 750 W
2 toast slots 2
Cord 1 m

Functionalities and features

Type of housing:Plastic construction
Defrost function
Reheat function
Cancel button
Overheat protection
Crumb tray
Toast lift integrated in trunk
Automatic OFF when toasted
Cord compartment
Antislip base
Precise temperature control
Toasting level adjustment

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