• Suszarka ładowana od frontu model: TADE82LCS.
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [1]
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [2]
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Free-standing washing machine TAWE8123LCLDS, 1140211, Amica
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [3]
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [4]
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [5]
  • Free-standing tumble dryer TADE82LCS, 1140217, Amica [6]



Suszarka ładowana od frontu


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Energy efficiency class A++

What do we do when we want to reduce our bills? Choosing a dryer with a good energy rating is one answer, so we decide how much we want to spend on power for our dryer. It makes for a wise choice, because we make savings not just once, but with every drying cycle - so we can continue to contribute to maintaining a clean environment. Economical and ecological, all in one!


Did we set the right drying temperature? What if it's too high...? There is no need to worry with a dedicated set of humidity and temperature sensors that will select the right settings for the type and state of the clothes. It can even shorten the programme time while in operation, if necessary. Optimal conditions mean minimised energy consumption and guaranteed safety of your clothes, which are never at risk from too much warm air. It will also automatically save on bills and protect your clothes from damage.

AmiFilter 2.0

Do we get pet hairs on every piece of clothing? Well that is no longer a problem. Just put the laundry in the tumble dryer and let a system of dedicated air filters remove all pet hair! All hair, lint and debris are collected in a single location for thorough and easy removal. We can now rest assured that our laundry comes out clean from the tumble drier.

AntiCrease Feature

No time to unload the clothes after the drying is over? No worries, they can remain in the drum for up to 2 hours, and the AntiCrease feature will guarantee they do not crease! Every 10 minutes, the drum will turn on for a few seconds, aerating the clothes and preventing any creases from forming. Smooth clothes even when we are late - it's that simple!

Drying Level

Do we need to wear our clothes, put them in the wardrobe, or iron them? Choose from the three drying levels and adjust to suit the fabric and our needs! The levels "hanger", "wardrobe" and "ironing" (names are temporary) have different programme times and, as a result, fabric dampness levels. Drying adjustable to our needs!

Legible display

How can we conveniently make use of all of our dryer's features? With a large LED display! It allows us to easily control the dryer, giving us constant access to all the information we need and current cycle parameters. When the filter need cleaning, for example, we can see it on the display. LED technology adds style and elegance to our dryer, without being tiring for the eyes.

Child Lock

Children can get up to mischief everywhere, even in the bathroom. Fortunately, Amica dryers can be easily protected from their carefree fun, by locking the function buttons. Now there is no need to worry about them accidental turning off or changing the settings.

Thermo Glass

If our children touch the dryer window, how can we be sure whether it is safe? The high temperature inside the dryer is a problem no more. Doors with a polycarbonate cover block the heat and protect us from burns. We can be sure that our child can safely touch the window with no risk of a burn.

Ironing-ready drying level

Select the Ironing-Ready drying level to suit the load, for quick and easy ironing immediately after the end of the tumble dryer cycle.

Hanger-ready drying level

If we do not wish to iron anything, we don’t have to. Select the Hanger-Ready drying level, and hang the load immediately after the cycle ends, while it is still slightly damp and requiring no ironing.

Closet-ready drying level

Ready to be worn or put away in the wardrobe immediately after tumble drying? Select the Wardrobe-Ready drying level.


Now we can see inside of the dryer clearly - thanks to internal lighting! It activates when we open the door or press a button. From now on we can see everything while loading and unloading - and we can also use the dryer when there are children sleeping nearby. No need to turn on the lights and risk waking them. A comfort for our eyes and our loved ones.

Wide porthole

What should we know about drum doors? Their width! The larger the width, the easier it is to load and unload the dryer. This is why Amica dryers have a very large loading porthole; now we can throw all our clothes in with a single move! A wide and convenient spectrum!

Sound signal

How many times do we forget to remove the clothes from the dryer after it finishes? Thanks to Amica dryers, this is no longer a worry. Just turn on the sound in the device settings, and the dryer will let us know when the drying cycle is over. Practicality and convenience, every day!

Wool programme

All of us must have once shrunk a woollen sweater or felted a cap in washing. This is why Amica has devised a Wool programme which efficiently cleans and at the same time protects the woolen fibers from felting and deformation. With this programme, your favourite sweaters will remain perfectly clean, soft and fluffy.

Time Dry - Warm Air

Dry with warm air - exactly as we need. The programme does not use humidity and temperature sensors, instead it functions according to our settings. We have full control over the duration, which we can appreciate when drying thick blankets or footwear. We decide, the dryer obliges!

Time Dry - Cool Air

Dry with cool air - exactly the way we want. The programme does not use humidity and temperature sensors, instead it will operate according to our settings. We have full control over the duration, which we can appreciate when refreshing clothes that have lain in the wardrobe for too long, or delicate clothes that cannot be heat dried. We decide, the dryer obliges!

Favourite Programme

We know best what kind of drying our clothes need. Set a programme as favourite, and then we can activate it every time we need it, with just a single step. No more forcing through the setting selection screen. One click and all is done, saving our time and effort! Add this convenience... to our favourites!

Delicates programme

Afraid of drying cotton in a dryer? Thanks to the gentle drum movements in the dedicated programme, even the most delicate fabrics can be efficiently dried, at no risk to delicate fibres. Our light and ethereal clothes are protected, allowing us to use them longer.

Shirts programme

Delicate shirts and blouses require special care. A dedicated programme uses the optimal settings and efficiently dries our clothes without the risk of damaging delicate fabrics. Now we can enjoy that clean-cut look!

Coloured / Mixed Programme

When our wardrobe is made up of clothes of all colours, the Mix programme is for us. It allows us to dry without running the risk of the colours bleeding or fading. Now we can enjoy wearing the colours we enjoy the most, rather than those that are easy to dry.

Jeans programme

Why does denim take so long to dry after washing? Well, no longer! Choose the special Jeans tumble drying programme to make short work of it all. Waste no more time, and instead enjoy the convenience of the Jeans tumble drying programme.

Amica Circle housing

Good design is not only about the look, but also the functionality. This is why the new side wall design of Amica dryers guarantees stable and extremely quiet operation. No vibrations, no noise, nothing but our satisfaction. Peace, quiet... and dry clothes.

Cotton Programme

Our favourite cotton shirts, towels and bedsheets deserve better treatment. Dry them with a dedicated programme, and we can quickly see that cleanliness and softness from drying is a joy.

Synthetics Programme

Synthetic fabrics have special properties, so they require special treatment. The Synthetics programme ensures optimal parameters, to guarantee the good care of synthetic fibres while drying. We can be sure our clothes will not be damaged. Dry safely!

Refresh with optional Steam Touch

Spring is coming, and its time to refresh our lighter clothes! No washing is required, just a moment in the dryer! Select the short 20 minute programme - the steam particles enter the fabric's fibres to remove any creases. Within a few short moments we can enjoy fresh clothes, without creases!

Technical data

Colour: White
Dryer capacity: 8 kg
Energy efficiency class A++
Drying efficiency B
Annual energy consumption - drying 236 kWh
Number of washing programmes 16
Noise level of drying 69 dB(A)
Height 84,5 cm
Width 59,5 cm
Depth 62,2 cm

Drying programmes

Cotton - ready for the closet
Cotton - ready for the hanger
Cotton - ready for ironing
Synthetics - ready for the closet
Synthetics - ready for the hanger
Synthetics - ready for ironing
Time Dry - Cool Air
Time Dry - Warm Air
Wool programme
Jeans programme
Delicate dry


Start delay
Navigator System
Drying Level
Legible display
Condenser tumble dryer with heat pump
Digital countdown indicator
Programme end indicator
Quick drying
Humidity indicator
Programme progress indicator
Water container level indicator
Sound signal
Amica Circle housing
AmiFilter 2.0
Door diameter42 cm
Porthole30 cm

Additional features

AntiCrease Feature