• Built-in gas hob model: PG6611XPR.
  • WOK inox



Built-in gas hob


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WOK burner

Having a party, and want to serve your favourite Asian meal, prepared in a wok? Now, with the WOK burner, you can cook the meal to perfection. This burner has a triple flame and is ideal for preparing meals in large pots, frying pans and woks This solution makes your meals evenly fried and cooked, without the risk of burns, undercooking or losing nutrients. All you have to do now is savour the party.

Cast iron pan support

Pan supports which are unstable and difficult to clean are no longer a problem. Amica gas hobs are fitted with new, strong, and stable cast iron pan supports which can be washed in the dishwasher for your convenience. You can slide the pans, while the supports remain in position. Perfect design for kitchen convenience.

Auto ignition in the knob

Very comfortable solution with ignition function in the knob. Just push and turn the knob to start cooking, the flame will start automatically.

Flame safety valve

The hob will cut off the gas supply immediately if the flame is accidentally extinguished. This way, cooking will always be safe.

Stainless-steel surface

Stainless-steel surface: the kitchen is the heart of every home — and a room which sees a lot of activity. The cooking hob is most exposed to abuse: it’s often splashed with hot oil and dirty boiling water. If we want our kitchen to look like new for a long time, we need to choose appliances that can withstand heavy use and are easy to clean and maintain. A stainless-steel gas hob is an excellent choice. It is very easy to clean and highly resistant to wear and damage.

Technical data

Height 5,2 cm
Width 59 cm
Depth 52 cm
Net weight 10,5 kg
Type of hob: Gas
Hob surface Inox
Type of finish: Brushed steel
Controls: Knobs
Hob colour Inox
Number of heating zones / burners 4 pcs.

Heating zones

Auxiliary burner 4 cm (1 kW)
Standard burner 6.5 cm (1.8 kW): 2 pcs.
WOK burner 13,0 cm (2,8 kW)


Flame safety valve
Cast iron pan support
Auto ignition in the knob