• Kettle model: KFT5021.
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  • Czajnik KFT5021, 1190179, Amica
  • Czajnik KFT5021, 1190179, Amica [1]
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  • PI6144S4WSU, 23442, EB622WA+ IN, 55630, KFT5021, 1190179, Amica
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Easy Open

An electric kettle means convenience. Why not make it as convenient as possible? Thanks to the EasyOpen button hidden in the handle you do not have to lift the lid manually – one click and it pops open! Such solutions make your life easier!

Safe Touch

Hot kettle? No! Even if it's boiling! The SafeTouch double wall system minimises the risk of burning. It comes in handy when children are poking around the kitchen. Improve safety in your kitchen – for your family and yourself.

Stainless steel housing

Every detail matters in an elegant and consistent kitchen décor. Amica kettle bodies are made from remarkably durable, high-quality stainless steel. This design is not only pleasing to the eye – as it guarantees that your kettle will perfectly match your other stainless steel appliances. It is also very practical, because the materials used ensure long life of the appliance. Style and savings in a fine form.

Rubber feet

The kitchen worktop often gets wet from spilled liquids. To address this problem, Amica kettle bases have rubber legs! This structure significantly increases the stability of the appliance and prevents it from sliding over the surface – even when it is wet. The kettle remains in its place and you feel safe not dreading an accidental burn.

Cord storage

Tangled cords on the kitchen worktop are neither aesthetically pleasing or safe. The base of an Amica kettle was designed to hold the spare part of the cord inside. This gives you more space on the worktop, makes it easier to work and prevents you from getting caught in the cord and knocking over the kettle. It may seem like a little detail but every aspect counts for safety in the kitchen.

Conxealed heater

There is no good kettle without a good heater. For this reason, we placed a special flat heater... right above the base! This solution makes it easier to clean the kettle. The advanced heater system also means lower energy consumption and saved money. Tidiness, comfort and thriftiness!

Controller Otter

No kettle will be durable enough without a proper control – a system responsible for energy transmission between the kettle and its base. This is why Amica uses the best Otter kettle controls! The innovative solutions lengthen the life of the appliances and you... save money. Now you can enjoy your kettle longer!

Overheat protection

Safety is a top priority when dealing with electrical appliances, especially in the kitchen. This is why Amica kettles feature a special safety system to protect you. When the temperature in the heater increases dangerously, the whole circuit will go off. It will be ready to heat up again once it has cooled down enough. Safety first!

Technical data

Colour White
Power 1850-2200 W
Capacity 1,7 l
Power cord 0,7 m

Functionalities and features

Type of housing: Stainless steel
Conxealed heater
Overheat protection
Cord storage
Rubber feet
Illuminated switch