• Free-standing washing machine model: DAWD6102LCW.



Free-standing washing machine


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Energy efficiency class A++

Our washing machines represent high energy class, meaning low energy consumption that results in lower electricity bills and consequently saves money.

Self-Clean programme

Washing machine drums tend to accumulate dirt. To solve this, Amica machines feature the Self-cleaning function, which removes hazardous fungi, mould, bacteria and allergens, always leaving our clothes perfectly fresh, fragrant and safe to wear. This feature is particularly useful when we have children or for people with allergies.


Need the washing cycle to end at a specific time? No problem! We can let the washing machine do the maths for us. Just set the end time, and our laundry will be ready when we need it.

Replaceable bearings

Worn bearings? This does not mean buying a new washing machine, as we can easily replace the bearings ourselves, or call in a service technician. No extra costs!

Extra rinsing

Detergent residues on clothes may irritate the skin. People with allergies, including babies and small children, are all at risk. To prevent this we can use the Extra rinsing function to remove the detergent more carefully. We can ensure effective protection of the most sensitive skin.

Pre-wash programme

We can wave goodbye to onerous soaking of heavily soiled fabrics. Now we can wash them by activating the Pre-wash programme. Our machine does it for us, so that we can enjoy our pleasures.


Save water, but not on the expense of the quality of wash! The water level sensor automatically dispenses the right amount of water according to the type and amount of laundry, exactly what is needed to make the wash the most effective. Our clothes are always perfectly clean, and we make savings too!

Wool programme

We are all familiar with accidentally shrinking a wool sweater shrunk, or a felting a cap. To that end Amica has developed the Wool programme, which washes wool fibres and protects them against felting or deformation. Our favourite sweaters are now safe, as well as perfectly clean, soft and fluffy.

Child Lock

Children are driven by curiosity and can play anywhere, including around the washing machine. Fortunately, we can protect our Amica machine from their antics by locking the function keys. No more worrying about any accidental switching-off or changes to the settings.

Super short 15-minute programme

Need to do your laundry fast? Remove unpleasant odours and light stains with the Super short 15-minute programme, designed to help us throughout our intense day.

Delicate programme

We should not be afraid to machine wash our silk fabrics with Amica. The dedicated programme makes mild movements of the drum to effectively wash even the most delicate of fabrics, leaving those fibres sensitive to abrasion intact. Our frilly and light clothes have now gained effective protection, so we can you enjoy them for longer.

Cotton programme

Our favourite cotton t-shirts, towels and bed linen deserve special care. We can use a dedicated programme to wash them and remove any stains, even if they are heavily soiled. We can see the improvements for ourselves, with clean and soft laundry.

Special synthetic programme

It is important to maintain the beauty and shape of synthetic fabrics. Now we can use a dedicated programme that guarantees the effective removal of stains in a moderate washing cycle.

Independent washing temperature control

Different fabrics require different washing conditions, depending on the type of fibre and stain. A wide temperature range allows us to wash our clothes at the right temperature. It's up to us!

Sound signal

We all know how easy it is to forget the washing, leaving it in the machine instead of hanging it out. With Amica washing machines this is a thing of the past. Just switch on the audible warning sound in the settings, and the machine lets us know when the wash has finished. Functionality and convenience, every day.

Washing efficiency

It is important to be concerned about effective washing. For many years now Amica has met the most stringent requirements of the European Commission, offering washing machines in the highest Washing efficiency class - "A". We can be sure that our machine features all the parameters necessary to effectively remove any kind of soiling.

Quick programme

When we want to save time, water and energy, we can choose the Quick programme. It immediately removes light stains and refreshes our laundry. We can spend the time we save doing anything we want.

Rain washing

Not sure whether the detergent will penetrate into each fibre? This is no longer an problem, with the Rain washing function. The system pumps the water and the detergent up over the drum, dissolving it carefully before spraying the laundry like a rain shower. We get to enjoy greater effectiveness for each wash!

Navigator System

No more time-consuming reading of the manual. The intuitive panel quickly takes us through all steps to the perfect wash. No more memorising the manual by heart to set the programme we need.

Technical data

Colour: White
Dryer capacity: 6 kg
Energy efficiency class A++
Maximum spin speed 1000 rpm
Washing efficiency A
Spin efficiency C
Annual water consumption - washing 9240 l
Annual energy consumption - washing 173 kWh
Number of washing programmes 23
Max noise level of washing 59 dB
Max noise level of spinning 74 dB
Consumption in program cotton 60°C with full load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 48/0,85
Consumption in program cotton 60°C with partial load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 37/0,82
Consumption in program cotton 40°C with partial load: water (l) / energy (kWh) 37/0,52
Height 85 cm
Width 59,5 cm
Depth 47 cm

Washing programmes

Cotton programme: 20°/30°/40°/60°/90°C
Wool programme
Special synthetic programme
Delicate programme: 20°/30°C
Spinning programme
Rinse programme
Drain programme
Super Short 15-minute programme
Quick programme: 30'


Extra rinsing
Pre-wash programme
DelayEnd: 3/6/9h
Child Lock
Sound signal
Rain washing
Navigator System
Replaceable bearings
Smooth temperature control:--/20/30/40/60/90
Door diameter42 cm
Porthole30 cm porthole diameter
Control systemDiode signalling