• Hand blender model: BL6014.
  • Blender ręczny BL6014, 1190246, Amica
  • Blender ręczny BL6014, 1190246, Amica [1]
  • Blender ręczny BL6014, 1190246, Amica [2]
  • Blender ręczny BL6014, 1190246, Amica [3]
  • Blender ręczny BL6014, 1190246, Amica [4]
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Hand blender


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Smooth speed regulation

Different fruit and vegetables require different blending power for the best results. Amica blenders incorporate smoothly adjustable speeds! It allows you to quickly switch to the optimal speed! And avoid spills. Adjust the options delicately and effortlessly with a function knob. Speed aligned to your needs!

Smooth Control

Different products need different blending power – you can feel it when you operate the blender. Now you can delicately and smoothly change the speed to blend, grind and crush effectively! When you press the button less or more intensely, the blender will adjust its speed to your wish. You will be able to use the whole range of speeds offered by the blender, not just a few selected levels.

Power 800W

Szybkość działania Twojego blendera zależy od mocy jego silnika. Im większą moc wybierzesz, tym krótszy będzie czas przygotowania koktajlu, a jego konsystencja gładsza. Blenduj, rozdrabniaj i krusz mrożone owoce czy lód jeszcze szybciej i dokładniej. Pełna moc dla pełnej satysfakcji! I oszczędności czasu!

Stainless steel blades

A good blender lasts as long as possible. This is why we put so much care into every detail in Amica blenders. To maximise the life of the blender, the blades were made of stainless steel. They are much more durable, as they will not go blunt or wear out. You will not have to replace them, which means you save money.

Beaker with lid

Too many dishes make a mess and you are going to need a lot of storage space for them. The 1-litre jar with a lid is a perfect solution if you value ergonomy in the kitchen. It is used for blending but can also be used as a food container. The lid helps keep all odours inside. Less washing up, more usability!


Speed and precision are often necessary in the kitchen. Both are guaranteed by the food processor! Two stainless steel blades chop nuts, vegetables, fruit or spices in no time. Afterwards, you can remove the blades easily to gain even better access to your product! Save your time!


Do you like sweets and cakes? Then you probably know that getting perfectly whipped egg whites is not an easy task... This is why the Amica blender includes a special whisk. From now on, any icing you make will be silky-smooth and egg white foam soft and fluffy. Whip quickly, conveniently and first of all effectively!

Technical data

Power Power
Cup capacity 800 l
Shredder capacity 500
Power supply cord length 1,25

Functionalities and features

Smooth speed regulation
Stainless steel blades
SmoothControl button
Beaker with lid