• Built-in ceramic sensor-controlled hob model: PC6411FTS.



Built-in ceramic sensor-controlled hob


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Touching the sensor several times to increase or decrease the heating power is quite inconvenient. It’s especially inconvenient when you have to rapidly decrease the temperature, or the meal will otherwise boil over. To solve this problem, the Amica hobs are equipped with the Slider feature which allows you to quickly and smoothly regulate the hob settings. Just swipe your finger on the control panel. It’s easy, convenient, and useful!

Child Lock

It’s easy to accidentally turn the hob on or off when you’re occupied with various activities in the kitchen. especially if there are children in your home. To limit this risk, the Amica hobs are equipped with a special lock. Turn the lock, and you have full control. Safety of the household members above all!

Residual heat indicator

The residual heat indicator alerts users that the heating zone is still hot even though it has been turned off. This function allows you to cook safely and very conveniently.


This function allows you to set the cooking time (max 99 min.) for each individual part of your hob, which makes it easier than ever to prepare several dishes at once. When the time expires, the zone switches off and alerts you with an aural signal.

Rapid preheating

Before frying or cooking, you often need to warm the pan or pot up. The Amica ceramic hobs feature the Rapid preheating function which warms the dish in a short time, and then adapts the heating power to your selected level. Savour the convenience!

Technical data

Height 4,6 cm
Width 57,6 cm
Depth 51,8 cm
Net weight 7,8 kg
Type of hob: Ceramic
Hob surface ceramic
Type of finish: Bevelled edges
Controls: Slider sensor control panel
Hob colour Black
Total power 6,9 kW
Number of heating zones / burners 4 pcs.
Power connection 402 V 3N, ability to connect to 230 V

Heating zones

HiLight single heating zone 14,5 cm (1,2 kW): 2 szt.
HiLight exdendable heating zone 17/17 x 26,5 cm (1,4/2,2 kW)
HiLight triple heating zone 12/17,5/21 cm (0,8/1,6/2,3 kW)


Residual heat indicator
Rapid preheating
Minute minder
Child Lock