• Build-in dishwasher model: DIM625AD.
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Build-in dishwasher


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Low water consumption

If we care for the environment and our household budget, Amica dishwashers are sure to please. They need less water per cycle to achieve the best washing results. This means lower costs every time we use the dishwasher! Every litre counts – the less water we use, the more we can save. Economical and ecological dishwashing in one.

Energy efficiency rating A++

Every fifth wash is free! About 90% of Amica's products are in the A++ energy class. This means you save 21% of the energy used by an A class dishwasher.

Self-cleaning 70°C/90min.

Nobody likes washing a dishwasher interior. You do not need! Let it clean by ... itself! With a specially selected programme for cleaning and care of the appliance, you save time and energy. High temperature and speed ensure effective washing of all corners of the chamber. The dishwasher is clean and refreshed, and its lifespan is increased. And you ... rest!

Auto 45° - 55°C/150 min. programme

The Auto programme automatically adjusts the amount of water used and its temperature depending on how dirty the water is. After the first rinse, the electronic sensor checks how dirty the water is and then selects an optimum temperature between 45°C and 60°C. You no longer have to wonder which setting to choose for the most efficient and economical cycle.


We set the programme, turn the dishwasher on... and the detergent is not being dispensed as it should be, because the dishware prevents the dispenser from opening! Here the detergent dispenser features a sliding flap opening action to prevent this problem. The detergent is always released when needed, for perfect washing results and our peace of mind. The small rinse aid dispenser keeps the dishes perfectly clean and shiny, with electronic dosing of just the right amount of the rinse aid.

Start delay: 24 h

Choose the right moment by delaying the start of the cycle by up to 24h. Now you can use economical electricity tariff hours and save money on washing your dishes!


The family is off on vacation and we use fewer things. So there are fewer pots, plates and mugs to wash, but we don’t want to wait to make up a full load. We can load as little as we like, and select the HalfLoad function. Each spray arm will work alternately, everything will be clean, while we enjoy savings of up to 20% in water and energy. That's a lot for perfectly clean dishes.

3-stage filter assembly

Now we know our dishwasher will be reliable. All dirt and residues are removed with the exposed 3-stage filter assembly. Each stages has a filter with a different task. The main filter screen stops, breaks down and removes the resides of food from the dishwasher. The coarse filter stops large solids, like bone fragments, ready of removal by hand after dishwashing. The third and last stage is the fine filter, which keeps residues of food in a special tank, from where they cannot be recycled back into the dishwasher. Triple protection for a longer life and continued high dishwashing performance.

Hot Air Drying

Modern drying systems which significantly improve the efficiency of the last stage of the operation cycle. Steam does not collect inside, and dishes are perfectly dry and shiny, free from stains and smears.


A power failure? Well, no more restarting the entire dishwashing programme when it happens. The WashRestart saves all the settings and the exact dishwashing cycle stage to be resumed when the power comes back on.

Flooding protection system

The dishwasher is running, but can we even think of going to the shops or sitting down with our friends, leaving the dishwasher unattended? Of course we can! There is a whole system of protective features to prevent the dishwasher from flooding our home. Now we can leave it running and go out or doze off on the couch, if we like.

Technical data

Height 81,5 cm
Width 59,8 cm
Depth 55 cm
Drying efficiency rating A
Capacity 12 dish sets
Energy consumption 0,9 kWh
Water consumption 11 l
Estimated annual energy consumption 258 kWh
Annual water consumption 3080 l
Noise level 47 dB
Reference programme Eco
Motor Twin Speed motor
Energy efficiency rating A++

Control panel

Control panelFully integrated control panel
LED display
Display colourWhite-Red

Washing programmes

5+1 dishwasher programmes
Eco 45°C/190 min. programme
Auto 45° - 55°C/150 min. programme
Soak -/15min
90' - 65°C
Self-cleaning 70°C/90min.


Low water consumption 11l
Flooding protection system
3-stage filter assembly
Start delay:24 h


Up&Down system
Cutlery basket
Hot Air Drying
Sound signal