• Free-standing dishwasher model: DFM604SEN.
  • Zmywarka wolnostojąca DFM604SEN, DFMAE561222TZ2SNHR0OO0, 1100447, Amica



Free-standing dishwasher


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Energy efficiency rating A++

Nobody likes to pay their energy bills. Amica cares for our budget and the environment, so Amica dishwashers feature solutions that guarantee lower power consumption, which means lower bills. Electricity consumption savings of a class A++ dishwasher over a class A+ one total 37 kWh per year. This means up to 32 washing cycles a year at the same power consumption level. Amica dishwashers are efficient all around! Cost-efficient and ecological washing, in one!

Motor Twin-Speed

We can wash different items of tableware in one cycle. Those fragile tea cups need different treatment than heavy pots. Now the new brush-free motor in the Amica dishwasher provides separate water pressure levels, so that fragile cups and glasses in the top rack are safe from damage while the pots and pans in the bottom rack see some heavy-duty washing for the thick and persistent grime. The dishwasher runs with less noise, consumes less energy, and the motor is more durable.


The family is off on vacation and we use fewer things. So there are fewer pots, plates and mugs to wash, but we don’t want to wait to make up a full load. We can load as little as we like, and select the HalfLoad function. Each spray arm will work alternately, everything will be clean, while we enjoy savings of up to 20% in water and energy. That's a lot for perfectly clean dishes.

3-stage filter assembly

Now we know our dishwasher will be reliable. All dirt and residues are removed with the exposed 3-stage filter assembly. Each stages has a filter with a different task. The main filter screen stops, breaks down and removes the resides of food from the dishwasher. The coarse filter stops large solids, like bone fragments, ready of removal by hand after dishwashing. The third and last stage is the fine filter, which keeps residues of food in a special tank, from where they cannot be recycled back into the dishwasher. Triple protection for a longer life and continued high dishwashing performance.

Stainless steel interior

We no longer need to worry about the life of our dishwasher, with an interior made from stainless steel. Provided we use the dishwasher right, it will stay free of corrosion. There is more. Stainless steel reduces the deposition of dishwashing residues, including grease. This prevents bacterial growth. The dishes are washed really well, and are safe to use.

Folding elements in the racks

We get to choose! Now we can manage the dishwasher capacity, to fit everything in just how we need it. Not enough room to fit everything in? Fold away the top rack shelves to increase the capacity. If we need more space for our pans, pots and bowls, fold away the bottom rack combs to make more space for large dishes. Both racks are designed for instant load capacity management. And we can manage the dishwasher capacity, just the way we need it.

HotAir System

Annoyed by just thinking about having to put the dishes somewhere to dry after taking them from the dishwasher? No longer! The HotAir System dries the dishes in the dishwasher by water flash-off and condensation. The water is hot from the high temperature of the last rinse, and flashes off the dishes. The dishwasher interior and the air inside are hot, while the dishes remain dry. Clean, dry, convenient.


A power failure? Well, no more restarting the entire dishwashing programme when it happens. The WashRestart saves all the settings and the exact dishwashing cycle stage to be resumed when the power comes back on.

Flooding protection system

The dishwasher is running, but can we even think of going to the shops or sitting down with our friends, leaving the dishwasher unattended? Of course we can! There is a whole system of protective features to prevent the dishwasher from flooding our home. Now we can leave it running and go out or doze off on the couch, if we like.

Intensive 60°C/170 min. programme

This programme is ideal for difficult cleaning, such as saucepans, when a regular programme is perhaps not enough. Pre-washing with hot water takes place before the main wash, and later there are two rinse cycles of hot water. The Intensive programme, with maximum temperature and increased use of detergent, ensures that even burnt fat disappears without a trace.

Technical data

Height 84,5 cm
Width 59,8 cm
Depth 60 cm
Colour Silver
Panel colour Silver
Drying efficiency rating A
Capacity 12 dish sets
Energy consumption 0,9 kWh
Water consumption 11 l
Estimated annual energy consumption 258 kWh
Annual water consumption 3080 l
Noise level 49 dB
Reference programme Eco
Motor Twin-Speed
Energy efficiency rating A++

Control panel

Control panelFront and integrated control panel
LED programme indicators
LED colourwhite-red

Washing programmes

6 dishwasher programmes
Intensive 60°C/170 min. programme
Delicate 40°C/130 min. programme
Eco 45°C/195 min. programme
Normal 55°C/180 min. programme
Soak -/15min
90' - 65°C


Flooding protection system
3-stage filter assembly


Up&Down system
Cutlery basket
HotAir System
Folding elements in the racks
Sound signal
Stainless steel interior
Built-under possibility

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Energy labels (PDM)

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