• Free-standing dishwasher model: DFM404SNA.
  • Zmywarka wolnostojąca DFM404SNA, DFMAE540922TZ2SNHR0OO0, 1100488, Amica



Free-standing dishwasher


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Energy efficiency rating A++

Every fifth wash is free! About 90% of Amica's products are in the A++ energy class. This means you save 21% of the energy used by an A class dishwasher.

Half Load

You no longer need to wait until the dishwasher is full to start the cycle. Just load one basket, or each with half the dishes. All the spray arms will operate alternately (sequential mode). The cycle guarantees savings in time and money.

Hot Air Drying

Modern drying systems which significantly improve the efficiency of the last stage of the operation cycle. Steam does not collect inside, and dishes are perfectly dry and shiny, free from stains and smears.

Intensive 60°C/165 min. programme

This programme is ideal for difficult cleaning, such as saucepans, when a regular programme is perhaps not enough. Pre-washing with hot water takes place before the main wash, and later there are two rinse cycles of hot water. The Intensive programme, with maximum temperature and increased use of detergent, ensures that even burnt fat disappears without a trace.

Technical data

Height 84,5 cm
Width 44,8 cm
Depth 60,5 cm
Colour Silver
Panel colour Silver
Drying efficiency rating A
Capacity 9 dish sets
Energy consumption 0,69 kWh
Water consumption 9 l
Estimated annual energy consumption 197 kWh
Annual water consumption 2520 l
Noise level 49 dB
Reference programme Eco
Motor Twin Speed motor
Energy efficiency rating A++

Control panel

Control panelFront and integrated control panel
LED programme indicators

Washing programmes

4 dishwasher programmes
Intensive 60°C/165 min. programme
Fast Program 45°C - 30 min.
90' - 65°C


Half Load


Up&Down system
Cutlery basket
Hot Air Drying
Sound signal
Built-under possibility

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Energy labels (PDM)

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