• Wine cooler model: WCB1K54B24.1.
  • Winiarka WCB1K54B24.1, 1179026, Amica



Wine cooler


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Electronic temperature control and monitoring

Enjoy different types of wine? Now you can keep your wine in optimum storage conditions. You can even adjust the storage temperature exactly as needed by a specific grape variety or stage of ageing. Amica wine coolers provide precise electronic temperature control in separate cooling zones.

Optimum humidity

A wine cork that has gone dry or lost its seal, and a wine that is off and undrinkable before it is uncorked? Certainly a nightmare for every connoisseur. Amica wine coolers feature air fans to help regulate the internal humidity and keep it at the optimum level. This prevents wine from oxidation and evaporation, bacterial infestation and bad odours. The wine labels will continue to look great with a minimum risk of ungluing. All of this guarantees the highest quality of the appearance during serving and the wine taste.

UV protection

Amica wine coolers feature doors with dark-tinted glass to shield the wine from too much light. Light accelerates the maturation and ageing processes, which alters the taste and bouquet for worse due to the formation of sulphides. The LED lights used in Amica wine coolers do not emit unnecessary heat which could disturb the required temperature inside the appliance. This means Amica wine coolers ensure wine storage conditions like those found in traditional wine cellars. It’s dark, it’s cool, and perfect.

Reversible doors

The wine cooler looks grand, but is it convenient to use? For Amica wine coolers this is not a problem. We can always swop the door around so that it hinges from the left or from the right. If we need to move house or rearrange the furniture, we can always reverse the door to fit the new indoor layout. The best designs are more than about refined styling, they are also about ergonomics.

Quiet operation

Trying to wind down with a glass of wine, but the wine cooler is just too loud? This does not happen with Amica. Our solutions include a dedicated refrigerant compressor and air fan components for quiet and convenient operation. Now you can put your wine cooler in the kitchen or the living room. It runs so quiet you will forget it is even there. Until you feel like a glass of wine.

Wooden shelves

Exquisite taste is all part of choosing the best wine and the wine cooler. After all, a good bottle of wine deserves the best storage conditions. The natural wood shelves isolate the vibrations from the wine cooler that would otherwise disturb the wine. The added value is the refined touch they give to the cooler, smart enough for any surroundings. After all, wine is for those who enjoy the subtler details of life.

Technical data

Colour Black
Height 45,5 cm
Width 59 cm
Depth 60,8 cm
Net weight 28 kg
Climate class ST
Total gross capacity 66 l
Total net capacity 63 l
Noise level 39 dB
Annual energy consumption 140 kWh
Zones 1
Temperature range 5-20 °C
No. of bottle racks 3
Bottle quantity 24
Refrigerant : R600a


UV-filtering door glass
Electronic temperature control
Internal temperature control
Internal LED lighting
Top-mounted light sources
Optimum humidity
Reversible door opening direction (right/left)
Quiet operation
Elevated temperature alarm
Door ajar alarm


Bottle rack materialWood