• Built-in fridge freezer model: BK3195.4NFVC.
  • Built-in fridge freezer BK318NUW+04AT, BK3195.4NFVC, 1171456, Amica
  • Built-in fridge freezer BK318NUW+04AT, BK3195.4NFVC, 1171456, Amica [1]
  • Built-in fridge freezer BK318NUW+04AT, BK3195.4NFVC, 1171456, Amica [2]
  • Built-in fridge freezer BK318NUW+04AT, BK3195.4NFVC, 1171456, Amica [3]


Amica X-type

Built-in fridge freezer


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Vit Control

Fresh fruit and vegetables whenever we like? No need for everyday shopping, when we have a VitControl container. A special humidity adjustment slide allows us to match the conditions to the product - lower the humidity for fruit, increase it for vegetables. All so they remain fresh and tasty for longer! This means less shopping, while our products stay in good shape for longer. Saving us time and money!


Not sure which shelf has the best conditions for storing our products? Now... all of them do! The AirFlow system, by maintaining stable air circulation inside the fridge ensures the same temperature in all the refrigerator compartments. Prevents products freezing to the refrigerator back wall. This keeps the products fresh for longer, and we... save money!


Who enjoys defrosting their fridge? From now on we never have to again! The NoFrost technology constantly monitors the humidity level in the fridge, ensuring no frost inside. No frost means more than no defrosting, it also provides better hygiene and longer product freshness, as the stable temperature in the entire refrigerator minimizes the risk of bacteria. No need to do anything, just save time in comfort!

Energy class A+

Who likes high electricity bills? Choosing the energy class of our fridge is important! Remember, a fridge works 24 hours a day, all year long, so every second of work is a potential saving for us! By reducing electricity consumption, we save not just money but the environment as well. Economical and ecological, in one!

Universal door L/R

Does the fridge fit perfectly in our kitchen, but the door opens the wrong way? No problem! For fridges with the universal door feature there are mounting holes on both sides, so the doors can open the way we want them! And then if we later remodel the kitchen or move home, we can easily and simply change the door to open from the other side... We install, we decide!


Where is that jar of our favourite jam? Small products placed on different shelves can make it hard to find when we need them. That is why Amica appliances are equipped with DoorShelf - a set of balconies perfect for storing small items, including jars and bottles. Now we always know where to find them, simply and easily. Order and convenience!

Slide system

Before our kitchen can be beautiful, we may have to struggle with fitting the furniture... Unless our refrigerator includes the helpful Slide System! This gives a unique level of convenience - all the weight of the door and outer panel rest on a special slide hinge. Now fitting the appliances is easy, so we can enjoy our kitchen quicker and with less sweat!

Simple InsideControl

A perfectly furnished kitchen combines functionality and style. That is why a refrigerator Simple InsideControl control panel is fitted inside the refrigerator. Convenient for choosing the settings, and all with a stylish look. Without unnecessary elements on the front means ergonomics coupled with elegance!

Quiet operation

Noisy fridges can be irritating, especially in the evening, or when the kitchen is connected to the living room. But this is no longer a problem! Amica fridges with the Quiet operation feature are designed to limit the noise generated by the mechanical elements. This solution ensures a better environment for everyone. Fewer decibels, better relaxation.


Not sure if the shelves can take a bigger load? No worries! Amica uses the SafetyGlass technology in its refrigerators - the shelves are made out of hardened glass, which not only increases their hardness and toughness, but also improve safety. Even if a shelf breaks, it will not fill the compartment with tiny pieces. Safety even with bigger loads!

Fruit and vegetable container

Often we keep different products on the same shelf, so no wonder our fruit and vegetables start to small strange... All the smells of the many products mix in the fridge. But if we use the dedicated fruit and vegetable container, they will always keep their proper smell. By optimizing the space in our fridge - we can eat a tasty and fragrant apple or peach whenever we like.

LED lighting

Environmentalism and elegance in one? Amica fridges are both! Thanks to the LED diodes fitted to the refrigerator, we can see everything in a better light! Using LED technology allows us to take better care of the environment and our wallet, as they use less energy. For anyone who appreciates good design, the elegance of white light will certainly appeal... Ecologically, economically and stylishly!

Automatic defrosting

No more wasted time and energy in defrosting the fridge! Automatic defrosting in Amica fridges ensure the frost melts and flows to a compartment in the compressor chamber, from where it evaporates. When there is no frost, there is no need to defrost, giving us more time to ourselves and those close to us.

Egg tray

We open the doors... and the eggs fall out to smash on the floor? Not if our fridge is equipped with a special egg tray! Separated from other products, they are protected from damage, and they always stay in place! No more worry when opening the fridge!

Technical data

Height 177,6 cm
Width 54 cm
Depth 54 cm
Dimensions: 177,6x54x54 cm
Energy class A+
Climate class T
Freezing class */**
Total gross capacity 251 l
Total net capacity 246 l
Refrigerator net capacity 190 l
Freezer net capacity 56 l
Freezing capacity 3 kg/24h
Noise level 41 dB
Safe temperature in case of power supply failure 11 h
Annual energy consumption 284 kWh
Number of doors 2
Refrigerant : R600a


Control systemSimple InsideControl
Automatic defrosting
Egg tray
Universal door L/R
LED lighting
Slide system
Quiet operation
SafetyGlass:2+1 pcs
DoorShelf:3 pcs
Fruit and vegetable container:2 pcs
Freezer drawers:3 pcs