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  • Built-in oven model: ED87669BA+ X-TYPE WiFi.
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  • Piekarnik do zabudowy 12263.3eETviKDpsJVS, ED87669BA+ X-TYPE WiFi, 56962, Amica [1]


Amica X-type

Built-in oven
ED87669BA+ X-TYPE WiFi


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Amica BakingPro System®

Perfect roasting or baking is not just about having good cooking skills, first we need to have the right oven. With the BakingPro System ® we don't have to worry about unevenly baked pies or a roast that is too dry! Cakes and pies are always perfect in the centre and never too brown at the edges, with precisely uniform heat and temperature distribution throughout the whole oven cavity. Even those parts of the dish closer to the oven door will be cooked perfectly thanks to the large offset heaters close to the oven front. The oven is now larger than before and features more baking levels to cook more dishes at the same time. The size of the baking and roasting trays have also increased and the revised air fan cowl heats the oven faster: 150°C in just 3 minutes! The new lamp system on the upper wall of the oven chamber makes the inspection of your cooking even easier than before. State of the art in a revised form: for the best baking and roasting quality.

WiFi Pobierz instrukcję parowania piekarnika ze smartfonem

This new range of appliances have been designed with an ecosystem that can communicate via a WiFi network.

TFT 4.3" graphic display with cooking assistant (Tv)

4.3-inch full-colour display that works like a real-life chef's assistant. The display provides step-by-step guidance through the baking process with intuitive controls and clear text commands available in 18 language versions. There is no need to worry about what setting is right for the food any more; the appliance will adjust the parameters to the recipe. 25 preset baking programmes developed by professional chefs to cook perfect meals every time. Custom cooking programmes can be defined and saved to make that ‘pièce de résistance’ cheese cake perfect. The oven always cooks the meals the way we like. The display can be operated with intuitive touch sensors or remotely with a smartphone*.
* Available in select models

Preheating in 3 minutes

Always in a hurry and have no time for anything? This function preheats the oven quickly to the desired temperature. The oven reaches 150°C in just 3 minutes! The oven can be turned on a while before we put anything in, so we can be sure everything is done on time!

Even baking on many oven levels

The revised oven design provides perfectly uniform distribution of the heat throughout the oven. We can now make large numbers of pastries, and be sure that all will be evenly brown and done. This high-volume oven can make over 100 muffins at a time! We can also easily dry mushrooms and fruit, or bake on many oven levels at the same time.

Wide range of temperatures

A universal guide to preparing your meals is invaluable. That’s why we’re offering a Wide range of temperatures which gives you versatility in cooking, and allows you to prepare the meals quickly. 30 ⁰C is the ideal temperature for rising yeast dough. 40-50 ⁰C is perfect for defrosting meat. At 200 ⁰C you can quickly bake puff pastry, and your favourite pizza at 280 ⁰C. Savour the convenience!

Telescopic guides with STOP function

When removing a hot tray, it is easy to drop it and get burnt. But not with Amica ovens! All thanks to the guides which feature special bumps that slow the tray down when it is inserted or removed. You can even insert or remove a very hot and heavily loaded tray safely, and without the risk of burns.

Catalytic cleaning

Had enough of scrubbing your oven? We have a way out! Amica ovens feature porous catalytic panels on the side and back walls. The porous texture breaks down the particles of grime and grease. To clean the panels, just turn on the oven at 250 ⁰C for one hour. This means cleaning is a pleasure, with nothing but convenience.

EasyClean enamel

Scrubbing the oven is something which you surely don’t enjoy. To help with the cleaning, the inside of Amica ovens is coated with a special EasyClean enamel without pores and dents, which prevents dirt and grease from collecting. Now, cleaning your oven is extremely easy. Make your life easier! Don’t waste too much time on cleaning! Spend it with your family and friends or develop your interests.

35°C Cool Front

Does touching the door of a working oven mean sure burns? Not with Amica ovens, with the pane temperature never over 35°C! The appliances are equipped with a special ventilation channel system which, combined with the cooling fan, ensures a continuous flow of cool air between the door panes. The low temperature on the outer pane allows you to closely watch the meal, without any risk of burns!

Temperature probe

You have surely had to cut or poke the meal many times to check whether it’s cooked well enough. With the Temperature probe, you don’t ever have to do that. Just place the probe in the meal, and set the desired temperature on the programmer. The Temperature probe is especially useful for cooking meat. There’s no risk of burning the food on the outside or undercooking it on the inside!

Preset baking programmes

This allows you to save precious time. Preset baking programmes have been prepared in cooperation with professional chefs. You can quickly prepare any meal without thinking about how long it has to be cooked, and what temperature is adequate to the meal type and size. The oven does that for you! And the result is always excellent!

User programmes

Everyone has their favourite meals, and their own way to prepare them. With the User programmes, you can save your own preferred settings in the programmer memory. Each time you choose your saved programme, the oven will cook the meal just as you like it.

Energy class A+

Nobody likes to pay their energy bills. We care about your home budget and the environment, which is why Amica ovens feature solutions for low power consumption, which means low energy bills. Amica ovens are efficient all around!

11 oven functions

Who does not enjoy the things that make life easier and more convenient? We have something for you! 11 handy functions, including Rapid Preheating and Defrost. Heating the oven in an instant, grilling food or defrosting a cut of meat are now the easiest things we can do in the kitchen.

Closed top door strip

We all know how hard it is to clean all those hard to reach corners! Not with Amica ovens! The closed top door strip keeps all grime and dirt out. It is also very easy to remove when more thorough cleaning is required. Pure convenience!

Programmer lock

Surely, you must have at least once accidentally turned the hob on or off, or changed its settings completely. Amica ovens feature a Programmer lock which limits this risk. Everything’s done with just one click. The lock prevents you from accidentally changing the settings, and allows you to clean the control panel, even if the oven is on.

Easy-cleaning door system

Surely, you know how difficult it is to clean the oven door and panes, and especially their edges and corners. Amica oven doors are equipped with special clips which allow quick and easy removal. With the clips, you can remove the doors, and clean them safely. You also gain better access to the inside of the oven.

Side racks

Amica ovens above all offer practical solutions for your convenience. With the Side tracks, you can easily and safely insert or remove the trays. Do you want to clean the inside of the oven? Just take off the racks. It’s easy, as they’re fitted on special clips. You can also wash the racks in a dishwasher, and avoid the time-consuming scrubbing. And if you decide that you need telescopic guides, you can buy them and easily fit them to the racks. Long live convenience!

Double halogen lighting

No more opening the oven to check how well our everything is cooking. The double halogen lamps at different levels on both sides of the oven help us see everything in a clear light! Now we can easily cook on different shelves, and simply inspect progress through the oven glass. We do not need to open the oven doors to see how well everything is doing. It's convenient, and maintains the required cooking temperature!

ECO function

Nobody likes high electricity bills. To reduce energy use and costs, Amica ovens are equipped with the Eco function. In this function, your oven turns off 5 minutes before the cooking programme is finished, using the residual heat to complete the cooking process. Take care of your budget!

Technical data

Height 59,5 cm
Width 59,5 cm
Depth 57,5 cm
Colour Black
Energy class A+
Oven capacity 77 l
Total power 3,6 kW
Top heater 900 W
Bottom heater 1100 W
Ring heater 2100 W
Supergrill 1500 W


Oven typeelectric
Number of oven functions:11
Number of preset baking programmes:25
Preheating in 3 minutes
Amica BakingPro System®
Even baking on many oven levels
Number of user programmes:10


TFT 4.3" graphic display with cooking assistant (Tv)
Side racks
Telescopic guides with STOP function2 pcs
Oven cleaningCatalytic cleaning
EasyClean enamel
Easy-cleaning door system
Temperature probe
Transparent glass
35°C Cool front
Reflective glass
Remote control system
Drying shelf
Closed top door strip
Double halogen lighting
ECO function
Programmer lock
Recipes on the door
Wide range of temperatures 30°C -280°C
Number of baking trays:2

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