• Heating drawer model: AWDM6W Q-TYPE.
  • Szuflada do podgrzewania naczyń AWDM6W Q-TYPE, 1103198, Amica
  • Szuflada do podgrzewania naczyń AWDM6W Q-TYPE, 1103198, Amica [1]
  • Szuflada do podgrzewania naczyń AWDM6W Q-TYPE, 1103198, Amica [2]
  • Szuflada do podgrzewania naczyń AWDM6W Q-TYPE, 1103198, Amica [3]


Amica Q-type

Heating drawer


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Tableware heating

Hot meals and drinks stay at the right temperature for longer when served using preheated dishware. The dedicated heating drawer is a convenient way to preheat your glasses, cups and plates. With a selection of 3 predefined programmes, you will no longer have to serve and eat in a hurry: a hot soup will not go cold in minutes, avoiding any reheating. Enjoying hot meals and convenience, from Amica.

Heating meals

What is the easiest way to warm up a meal? With a warming drawer, of course! Heat and cook everything with a special program! Enjoy juicy and really flavoursome results. Simple and convenient!

PushPull opening

Gently push, and let the drawer open itself! The PushPull opening system replaces the standard handle, so all you need to open a drawer is an elbow, for example, which is really useful when both your hands are occupied. The lack of protrusions is also a safeguard when children are playing around in the kitchen. Amica cares for your convenience in every detail!

Dedicated programmes

Use the heat in the drawer below the oven. You can use it to preheat your tableware and food before serving, defrost meals, or even cook some dishes. Just choose the programme needed: the heating drawer maintains the optimum temperature when preheating meals, melting chocolate or making home-made natural yoghurt free of thickeners and stabilizing agents. A heating drawer brimming with endless potential for everyday use!

Sensor control system

Operate the controls with convenience, without time wasted on keeping them clean! Finding and setting programmes is now faster and easier, with the touch sensors to replace obsolete mechanical knobs and push-buttons. The touch sensors are placed beneath the smooth and solid control panel surface. This helps keep the front panel of the appliance clean and neat. No gaps means no place for dirt and grime to accumulate. The pleasure of control!

Temperature range: 40°C - 80°C

With the temperature adjustable between 30 and 80°C, the warming drawer is a real help in the kitchen! At 30°C, you can thaw food. At 40°C, you can make home-made yoghurt. At 60°C, chocolate melts perfectly for that cake. At 80°C, you can sterilize jars and dishware to remove bacteria and allergens. Tap into the full potential of the warming drawer, with temperature range control!

Cool front 35°C

Will touching the glass part of a warming drawer cause burns? Not with Amica warming drawers! Amica warming drawers feature a dedicated cooling system to keep the front panel at or below 35°C!

Maximum load - 25 kg

Coffee tastes best when served in warm cups. Up to 80 espresso cups can be easily heated at the same time, because Amica warming drawers boast high volume and strength. The maximum load is 25 kg in the largest version. Serving food and drinks with warmed dishes has never been so safe and convenient.

Technical data

Height 14,1 cm
Width 59,5 cm
Depth 56,1 cm
Net weight 18 kg
Capacity 22 l
Total power 1000 W
Voltage 230 V
Temperature range 40-80 °C
Maximum load 25 kg
Maximum no. of espresso cups 80 pcs
Maximum no. of ø 26 cm plates 6 pcs
Colour: White


Control systemSensor
Mirror glass
Functions: 8
PushPull opening
Tableware heating
Heating meals
Cool front 35°C
Dedicated programmes