Just store, waste no more!

Wasting food is an ever-more significant
problem in developed countries, while some parts
of the world still have to struggle against hunger. Our
daily habits may usher in a change for the better!

With no food planning,
we throw away as much as

25%of the food

[statistically, 1 out of 4 BREAD ROLLS]

* source: Food banks

In this way,
throughout the year, we are wasting

175 kgs

of food per person

* source: Food banks

This means that,
every year, we throw away around


[For families,
this even amounts to zł 2,400]

* source: Food banks

How much do you waste?
How much do you pay?
How much do you throw away?
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In Poland, this totals up to
9 million
tonnes of food thrown away every year

And in European Union, up to
88 million tonnes!

We’ll help you make the changes and waste no more food!

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Don’t waste the opportunity!

No more throwing food away, and no more unnecessary spending!
Just store, waste no more!

After all, fridges are for storing food as long as possible. Our solution is the Amica Fresh System™, which combines the most important functions the responsible for product freshness…

Nothing goes to waste with Amica fridges.
Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, always ready at hand!

Make the food last longer

FreshOn  >


Your products are fresh even longer? This is now possible thanks to the FreshOn filter! Thanks to the FreshOn filter, you remove the harmful gas from the fridge, your food does not spoil, and you can enjoy the taste and freshness every day.

VitControl / VitControl Plus  >

VitControl / VitControl Plus

A special humidity regulation slide allows you to decrease the humidity for fruit and increase it for vegetables, and thanks to the supplied FreshPad tray, the products will not stick to the bottom of the shelf and will not go bad.

FreshZone  >


Do you want your meat and fish to stay fresh longer? Store them in the FreshZone container! The temperature inside is 0-3⁰C, so it is the perfect place to store those special needs products.

VitBlue Light  >

VitBlue Light

A proper light wavelength of the VitBlue Light diode significantly lengthens the freshness of fruit and vegetables stored on the VitControl shelf.

Organise your space

FlexiSpace  >


Now when something does not fit, simply rearrange the space in the fridge as you wish! Combine, move and remove shelves as you need!

MultiFlex shelf  >

MultiFlex shelf

Do you want to fit a big pot? Just fold the shelf. More products to store? Spread it out and use it like a normal shelf. Or... just fold the shelf in half! This will allow you to store tall bottles or milk cartons. Fold and unfold as you please. You have space... for every occasion!

Bottle shelf  >

Bottle shelf

A fitted shelf shape keeps the bottles in their places, and also allows you to optimally use the space in the refrigerator compartment. You can fold and store the shelf, or remove it when not using it.

Extra Space  >

Extra Space

ExtraSpace refrigerators provide much more space to use! Now you will not only cool more products, but also store larger foods that so far could not fully fit in a refrigerator or a freezer.

BigBox  >


BigBox is a larger container which is convenient to use and which gives you the chance to arrange your fridge space better.

Save more

FrostControl  >


Forget about frost and defrosting. With FrostControl, you will save time cleaning and gain more space in the freezer.

NoFrost Technology  >

NoFrost Technology

The NoFrost technology allows constant control over the humidity level in the fridge, which means no frost inside. No frost means no defrosting!

CLASS A++ energy rating  >

CLASS A++ energy rating

You do not like high electricity bills? Choose the energy rating of your fridge wisely! Amica fridges with energy rating of A++ allow you to save up to 30% of energy.

Bread can be stored in the freezer even for several months.

Store lemons in re-sealable bags in the fridge to keep their freshness.

Keep garlic in a closed jar, in a cool and dark place, and it will remain fresh for even up to 6 months

Eggs can be stored in the fridge for around a month or, alternatively, for 7 to 14 days at room temperature.

Pasteurised milk, fermented milk products, white cheese, yellow cheese and cream all need temperatures below 10°C.

Fruits produce ethylene, a plant hormone which accelerates the ripening process, also making other fruits go bad. This is why it pays off to use carbon filters, such as FreshOn.

Cheese will retain its freshness if you wrap it up in parchment paper.

Fruit and vegetables in the fridge will benefit from being stored in compartments laid with paper or fitted with FreshPad which isolates water from the products


  • Store foods in containers and bags, best with a date written on them.
  • Dry fruit and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge.
  • Don’t keep too much food, as less space makes air circulation in the fridge more difficult.

What sort of products do we throw away most often?

Cold meats
Ready meals


Make a meal plan, adapt it to the number of people and their preferences, and count how many portions you will actually have to make. Based on this, make your shopping list. Buy only as much as you need!
Leftovers aren’t waste. Saved leftovers can be used for future meals. Remember, properly storing the food gives you more opportunities!
It’s good to share food. There are many societies and organisations in Poland which give help to those in need. If you have excess food, give it to somebody who really needs it.
Recycling is the future of Earth. Sort your waste properly.

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