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Do away with those creases!

Introducing the Amica Dream Wash washing machines, with the SteamTouch wash. Let's free ourselves from unwanted creases, and enjoy clothes that are clean, soft and fragrant. Amica washing machines – helping us to let off steam!

Introducing the best of Amica Dream Wash machines



Up to 70 %

SteamTouch: ironing has never been easier.

At the start and finish of the cycle, SteamTouch releases steam to gently penetrate and loosen the fibres, stopping our clothes from creasing. Ironing is easier and much quicker, and the fabric gains extra fluffiness.

Funkcję SteamTouch możesz dodać do 8 programów prania:

  • Cotton

  • Cotton Eco

  • Everyday 58'

  • Shirts

  • Fitness

  • Outdoor

  • Darks

  • Synthetics

  • The best programme to wash our favourite cotton clothes and towels. Here cleanliness meets softness.

  • The best programme to wash our favourite cotton clothes and towels. Here cleanliness meets softness.

  • The quickest full washing cycle on the market, guaranteeing speed and effective stain removal.

  • Keeping our shirts perfectly clean, and easy to iron. Enjoy that clean-cut look!

  • Learn how to handle sportswear. Thanks to the Fitness programme and SteamTouch, we can wash our shorts, leggings and tops even at 30⁰C.

  • Revitalise the water-repellency of outdoor clothing, simply by adding a waterproofing detergent to the fabric softener tank.

  • Remove stains from dark clothes easily, without risking any loss of colour. Let's continue to enjoy the clothes we like the most, not those easiest to wash.

  • Synthetic fibres need special care, and now there is a programme that keeps the water temperature at no more than 60°C.

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More advantages of the SteamTouch feature

More advantages of the SteamTouch feature

  • Efficient stain removal

    Efficient stain removal

    SteamTouch ensures even the most stubborn stains evaporate, effectively softening and removing dirt from even the most delicate fabrics.

  • Long-lasting fresh scent

    Long-lasting fresh scent

    A deep-penetrating steam to neutralise unpleasant odours, by eliminating their source. This guarantees that our laundry stays fresh for a long time.

  • Genuine cleanliness – no more bacteria

    Genuine cleanliness – no more bacteria

    Clean and disinfected laundry results. Steam quickly cleans even delicate fabrics, making them safe for those suffering from allergies or with sensitive skin.

  • Clothes that are pleasant to touch

    Clothes that are pleasant to touch

    Our fabrics immediately become fluffy, delicate and pleasant to the touch, all thanks to the steam penetrating and loosening the fibres.

Add +

Add +

Add more laundry
at any time!

Forgot that shirt or found a sock, but the machine has already started? No problem! The Add+ feature allows us to add laundry whenever we want, saving both time and money. Just open the machine when the special icon shows up on the LCD*.

* More laundry can be added for about 80% of the cycle.

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OptiDose, OptiCup


Over 20 loads
without adding
more detergent

Adding laundry detergent every time is a nuisance. Now Amica can help, with a new detergent dispenser and a choice of 3 dosing rates – allowing our machine chooses how much detergent it needs itself. Thanks to OptiDose, we are free for the next 20 washes.


Need to use a different laundry detergent?
Just switch on OptiDose, fill the OptiCup with the required detergent, and pop it into the drum.

OptiDose and OptiCup allow us to choose the laundry detergent we need, so we do not damage that special fabric.

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Everyday 58' Programme

58' Programme

Get more time and perfectly
clean laundry

No more waiting forever for the cycle to end, Amica washing machines take a mere 58 minutes. This is how much we need to achieve perfectly clean laundry today, giving us more time to do the kind of things that make us happy, and our lives easier. Get more time, with the Everyday 58' Programme.

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Other special Dream Wash features

Other special Dream Wash features

Shirt Programme

Delicate shirts and blouses require special care. This dedicated programme uses the optimal settings to effectively remove stains, without any risk of damaging delicate fabrics. Enjoy that clean-cut look!

Favourite Programme

Doing it the way we want! The favourite programme allows us to save our custom settings, so no more fiddling or remembering. We save our precious time, while our washing machine gets on with providing the highest quality wash - every time.

Anti-Allergen Wash

If we have children or allergy-sufferers at home, we will appreciate the anti-allergen washing programme. Thanks to the intensive wash with an additional rinse cycle in heated water, our laundry can be sanitised of all mites, allergens and bacteria. Everything to protect even the most sensitive of skin.

Express 15' Programme

Need to refresh those clothes quickly? The Express programme takes only 15 minutes to eliminate unpleasant odours and less noticeable stains. A great solution for those fast-paced days!

Fitness Programme

Any keen sportsperson knows that sportswear requires careful handling. Amica washing machines can wash it with the utmost care in just 40 minutes. When we need to be active, there is no time to lose!

Other special Dream Wash features
  • LogicDrive 2.0 Motor

    LogicDrive 2.0 Motor

    The noise of the spin cycle can be a real nuisance, especially if we are doing the laundry in the evening and the baby has just fallen asleep. This is exactly why Amica washing machines feature the modern LogicDrive 2.0 motor, which runs much more quietly while also lasting longer and consuming less electricity... The LogicDrive 2.0, for silent pleasure.

  • MaxLoad


    How do we know how many clothes we can add so they all wash perfectly? With the MaxLoad feature, the LCD shows us the maximum load – a full machine (FUL), half (HLF), or the number of kilograms. Now we always know how much laundry we can do for the best results.

  • Guaranteed clothes protection

    Protection of woollen clothes

    Our woollen clothes and delicates stay safe in Amica washing machines. This is confirmed by the Woolmark Certificate, only awarded to products effectively protecting difficult fabrics. Now we can be sure that our clothes last longer.

  • 3 Soil Levels

    3 Soil Levels

    A washing program that matches the intensity of the dirt? It's possible now. Choose Light, Medium or Heavy Dirt and the Amica washing machine will automatically adjust the washing program parameters, the washing time and the water consumption. It's simply for your convenience and to save time and energy. And it helps protect the environment too.

  • Large LED and LCD displays

    Large LED and LCD displays

    Remarkably practical and legible. These are the qualities of Amica washing machine displays, providing easy access to the information we need, allowing us to change the settings or check on progress.

  • SoftDrum


    How can we preserve the elegance of fabric? The unique SoftDrum structure ensures a more delicate and fibre-friendly wash. Enjoy the quality of our most delicate clothes, every day.

  • Self-cleaning drum

    Self-cleaning drum

    Our washing machine drums often collect dirt. Amica washing machines have a self-cleaning feature which solves this problem. It eliminates dangerous fungi, mould, bacteria and allergens from the drum, so our clothes are always perfectly fresh, fragrant and completely safe. This is an ideal solution, especially if we have children and allergy sufferers to care for.

  • Ready in...

    Ready in...

    Need the laundry to finish at a certain time? No problem! Just set the time it must be finished, and let the machine figure out when to start.


Clear profit for us

A higher energy rating guarantees lower electricity bills, in addition to reducing our environmental impact.
– 35% more savings in electricity consumption for class A+++ washing machine compared to class A+ machines, equivalent to 58 kWh a year.
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blended strawberry shakes


free laundry cycles


minutes of free vacuuming

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