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Dzięki funkcji SteamTouch
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SteamTouch to higieniczne pranie oraz łatwe prasowanie.

Na końcu cyklu suszenia funkcja SteamTouch wypełnia bęben suszarki parą wodną, która delikatnie wnika we włókna, rozluźniając je. Para zabija także groźne drobnoustroje i redukuje zagniecenia. Pranie jest higieniczne, puszyste i świeże — a prasowanie łatwe!

The SteamTouch function works in 7 washing programmes:

  • Shirts
  • Delicates
  • Mix
  • Anti-allergic
  • Fitness
  • Synthetics
  • Freshening Programme plus steam
Our shirts and blouses require special care. This dedicated programme uses the optimal settings to effectively dry them without the risk of damaging the fabric. Enjoy that clean-cut look!
Afraid of drying cotton in a dryer? Thanks to the gentle movements of the drum and the dedicated programme, even the most delicate of fabrics dry with no risk of heat damage. Our light and airy clothes are protected, so we can enjoy them for longer.
When our wardrobe features clothes of all colours, we need the Mix programme. It allows us to dry everything without running the risk of the colours bleeding or fading. Let's choose the colours we like, not those that are safe to dry.
This programme satisfies even the most stringent of demands. Safe for allergy sufferers and children, the anti-allergic drying programme is ideal for soft and gentle baby clothes. It removes virtually all allergens, detergent residues, and other harmful factors. Everything to protect even the most sensitive of skin.
Taking care of our sportswear! A dedicated programme to effectively dry even our delicate microfibre clothing, ensuring the safety of our demanding fabrics. While we are making maximum gains in the gym, our dryer is winning with our drying!
Synthetic fabrics have special properties, so require special treatment. The Synthetics programme ensures optimal parameters that guarantee the safety of synthetic fibres while drying. Avoid the risk of damage. Dry safely!
Spring is coming, so what about refreshing our lighter clothes? No need to wash, all it takes is a moment in the dryer! With the short 20 minute programme, steam particles enter the fibres to remove any creases.

Discover more advantages about SteamTouch

Clothing free from dangerous microbes  >

Clothing free from dangerous microbes

Clothing that is fresh and disinfected. An ideal feature for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. SteamTouch removes the bacteria and mites that cause unpleasant odours.

Removing the source of bad odours  >

Removing the source of bad odours

Steam deeply penetrates the textiles, to neutralise unpleasant odours by eliminating their source. This guarantees the scent of fresh, dry clothes for longer!

Really soft and fluffy clothes  >

Really soft and fluffy clothes

For clothes that are fluffier and pleasanter to the touch. All this thanks to steam, penetrating and loosening the fibres, to give the fabric a more delicate look and feel.

LogicDrive 2.0 motor

Add the clothes to dry… and relax.

No noise to annoy us. The second generation of the LogicDrive motor keeps unwanted sounds and noises to a minimum. LogicDrive 2.0 is also energy-rated at A+++ for greater savings every single drying cycle. The latest technologies, to keep our appliances running longer.

Lower costs and more convenience!


Convenience is key!

This is why even the accessories for Amica dryers are so ergonomic! No need to look for bottles or cups when we want to steam dry – use the handy feeder. The specially shaped neck allows easy access, while the vent prevents the liquid from bubbling and spilling over.

Enjoy the extra benefits of mounting the dryer above the washer. Convenience in every detail!


Looking for smaller bills? Choose a HeatPump dryer!

The heat pump system has higher efficiency and cooler drying temperatures. Using less heat means lower energy costs – even four times less with the HeatPump! Cooler conditions are more natural and friendlier for our clothes, keeping them safe and damage-free. It is like drying our clothes on the line on a sunny day, only safer, faster and available all and every day!

Ready in…

Need the drying to finish at a specific time? No problem!

We choose when the dryer has to finish, and… that's it! We can leave the house, and when we return our clothes will be dry and waiting! The dryer decides the best time to start, so it finishes exactly on time.

Ready and dry, always on time!

DrySensor system >

DrySensor system

Did we set the right temperature? Maybe it is too high…? No worries, the dedicated set of humidity and temperature sensors automatically adjust the settings to suit the type and state of the clothes! It can even shorten the programme, if needed. Optimal conditions mean optimal energy use, and a guarantee of safety for our clothes, which are never at risk from too much heat. We automatically save on bills, without risk to our clothes.

Auto-cleaning filter >

Auto-cleaning filter

A clean filter is always essential for any dryer, and now we can avoid the tedious and awkward task of cleaning it after each use. The Filter AutoCleaning feature does the dirty work for us! While our clothes are drying, the filter is cleaning itself! Convenient and ergonomic, with full dryer effectiveness, every day!

Drying Level >

Drying Level

Are we going to wear our clothes, pop them in the wardrobe, or iron them? Now we have three drying levels to choose from, that suit our needs and the fabrics we wish to dry! The levels "Hanger", "Wardrobe" and "Ironing" use different programme times to adjust the humidity level of the fabrics. Drying adjusted to our needs!

Freshening Programme plus steam >

Freshening Programme plus steam

Spring is coming, so what about refreshing our lighter clothes? No need to wash, all it takes is a moment in the dryer! With the short 20 minute programme, steam particles enter the fibres to remove any creases.

Time Dry >

Time Dry

Dry with cooler or hotter air – whatever we need. Whether our laundry is damp or dry, the programme figures out the ideal settings. All we do is set the programme duration. Freshening up clothes after months in the closet or dealing with delicate textiles has never been easier. We decide, the dryer provides!

Clean benefits only

Worried about the drying? All Amica dryers guarantee the most efficient drying for our clothes. With specialized programmes for various types of fabric, our Amica dryer always produces soft, dry and fragrant results.

Free-standing tumble dryer


Steam Touch
Energy efficiency class A+++
Logic Drive 2.0

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* Product is available for sale from June 18, 2018.

Free-standing tumble dryer


Heat Pump
Energy efficiency class A++

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