Amica wine coolers
Not just only
for connoisseurs

Why is a standard fridge not enough?

We all sometimes feel the need to relax. Well, our wine does too. We should avoid disturbing it and instead ensure quiet, peace, stability and no rushing, so that it pays us back fully. Then we get everything that's good and worthwhile from our wine.

Wine cooler

Aroma and taste


A constant temperature and humidity ensure a suitable wine maturing process to bring out the best in it.


Frequent door opening results in fluctuations in the temperature. This means wine is unstable and unable to achieve the expected taste.



Clean air without odours is essential to achieve the right taste. This is guaranteed by providing a fan, a water tank and no other products in the same compartment.


Wine can lose its expected bouquet or flavour, if food smells penetrate through the cork.

Necessary space


Higher-strength shelves enable us to store more bottles. They are profiled in a manner to prevent the bottles from falling out and to keep the corks always immersed in the wine.


Limited space and lower strength shelves make it necessary to place bottles in the upright position. This and the need to move the bottles around the fridge, has a detrimental impact on the wine maturing process.



We can open a bottle any time we want and our wine will be perfect, as wooden shelves and the compressor dampen any vibrations.


A refrigerator unit causes vibrations that disturb the wine maturing process.

Wine coolers

Always optimum storage conditions

Dwie strefy chłodzenia

Nowa 2-strefowa chłodziarka do wina Amica to produkt niezbędny dla każdego miłośnika wina. To profesjonalne i eleganckie urządzenie, które pozwala na przechowywanie trunków w optymalnych warunkach.
Niezależnie od rodzaju i gatunku wina, dopasujesz warunki do jego przechowywania dzięki możliwości elektronicznej regulacji temperatury. Chłodziarka posiada 2 niezależne strefy temperatur, więc jednocześnie możesz przechowywać wino białe, czerwone, słodkie, musujące… do koloru, do wyboru.

Electronic temperature control

Enjoy different types of wine? Now we can keep our wine in the optimal storage conditions. We can even adjust the storage temperature exactly as needed by a specific grape variety or stage of ageing. Amica wine coolers provide precise electronic temperature control in each separate cooling zone. Red, white, or sparkling wine? No matter what, it will always be waiting, properly cooled, for the right opportunity to uncork it.

Optimum humidity

Wine bottle corks can dry out and lose their seal, so the wine goes off and is already undrinkable when uncorked? Certainly a nightmarish disaster for every connoisseur. Amica wine coolers feature air fans to help regulate the internal humidity and keep it at the optimum level. This prevents wine from oxidation and evaporation, bacterial infestation and bad odours. The wine labels will also stay looking great, without coming unstuck. All this guarantees the highest quality appearance and taste, in and out of the bottle.

UV protection

Amica wine coolers feature doors with dark-tinted glass to shield the wine from too much light. Light accelerates the maturing and ageing of wine, which alters its taste and bouquet for the worse through the formation of sulphides. The LED lights used in Amica wine coolers do not emit any unnecessary heat which could disturb the controlled temperature control inside the cooler. Hence Amica wine coolers ensure storage conditions close to those found in traditional wine cellars. It’s dark, it’s cool, and just perfect.

Amica VinoOptima System ™

We do not need to be a connoisseur to appreciate subtle wine bouquets. Amica VinoOptima System ™ always guarantees the right conditions for various types of beverage. Enjoy having the perfect wine, ready to serve, at your fingertips, at the right temperature, bouquet and taste, and all in neat bottles. Perfectly stored, perfectly served, and with perfect taste. This is our wine with the Amica VinoOptima System ™.

Exemplary taste and full convenience

Reversible doors

The wine cooler looks good, but is it convenient to access? For Amica wine coolers this is not a problem. We can always swop the door around so that it hinges from the left or from the right. If we need to move house or rearrange the furniture, we can always reverse the door to fit the new indoor layout. The best design is more than refined styling, we also need great ergonomics.

Quiet operation

Looking forward to winding down with a glass of wine, but the wine cooler is too loud? This is not a concern with Amica. Amica uses dedicated refrigerant compressor and air fan components for quiet and convenient operation. Now we can put our wine cooler in the kitchen or the living room. It runs so quiet we can forget it is even there. Until we feel like a glass of wine...

Wooden shelves

Exquisite taste is all part of choosing the best wine and the wine cooler. After all, a good bottle of wine deserves the best storage conditions. The natural wood shelves isolate the vibrations from the wine cooler that would otherwise disturb the wine. The added value is the refined touch they give to the cooler, smart enough for any surroundings. After all, wine is for those who enjoy the subtler details of life.

Amica ComfortUse System ™

The taste, bouquet and appearance of wine are part of what matters. Our comfort is also important, every time we have a glass of good wine. Everything tastes better in pleasant and comfortable circumstances, so with Amica ComfortUse System ™ we can indulge our taste in peace and quiet, surrounded by stylish wooden fittings offering exceptionally easy access to the bottles. It is all what we deserve.

Practical tips



Sparkling white wine: 7-11°C
Sweet white wine: 7-12°C
Dry white wine: 8-14°C
Sparkling red wine: 10-13°C
Sweet red wine: 15-18°C
Dry red wine: 12-18°C
Wine must be stored so that the liquid touches the whole face of the cork. Thus long-term storage in an upright position should be avoided. This relates to bottles sealed with natural cork, while bottles with caps can be stored in any position.
Ideal environmental humidity
Ideal environmental humidity for wine storage is 70-75%. Incorrect humidity levels can result in cork crumbling and moulding, which in turn causes wine oxidation and evaporation.
Low strength wine (up to 12.5%):
up to 3 days
Medium strength wine (12.5-13.5%):
up to 7 days
Strong wine (up to 13.5%):
up to 5 days
In order to prevent precipitation of the sulphur compounds in wine, store the wine in a dark place. This rule should be followed both during home and shop storage: do not buy wine which has been on display. Ask for a bottle from a bulk box.

Before we buy, we should ask ourselves these questions…

1. How often do we drink wine?
This enables us to select a suitable cooler size - do we need just 7 bottles within easy reach, or do our guests or wine collection require storage for up to 24?
2. How much free space do you have?
A cosy kitchen with a living room? Select a smaller built-in cooler. A separate kitchen or large living room? Select a larger built-under cooler. A large space in a pantry? Perfect for a free-standing cooler.